Terms of service.

Last updated December 24, 2020

Thank you for choosing Satrap Web Services, herafter called (“Satrap”, “we”, “us”, “our”).
Our policy is absolute transparency and 100% customer satisfaction. Our terms are easy to understand and we have no fine print. We want all our clients to feel safe and comfortable using our services.

Short version:

We will design your website, host and manage it for you, all for a small monthly subscription. As long as you keep paying the subscription fee, your website will be active and running. You can cancel anytime you wish.

Cookies and tracking.

We use cookies on our website as well as website we create for our clients, for the purpose of tracking, analytics and improving visitor experience.

Subscription services.

Our services are offered as all-inclusive packages, everything you need is included in your subscription. You get the following as standard in all subscriptions:

  • Custom Designed WordPress Website
  • Domain name .com or .eu (for other domains than the included a small fee can occur)
  • Email accounts
  • Hosting
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited pages and content
  • Contact forms
  • Changes and content update
  • Easy to use dashboard to help you update your content when ever you wish
  • SEO
  • Google analytics
  • Matching graphics for Facebook
  • Periodic software updates
  • SSL Security
  • Daily backup
  • Customer service


We can deliver a compete custom designed website in 7-21 days. Our delivery of the website is independent of your content. As soon as we have completed our work, our services is considered as delivered regardless of the status of your content.

Changes and updates

  • Security updates are included in all subscriptions
  • Core system, theme, module and plugin updates are included in subscription
  • Changes or addition to content such as text and images are included in subscription
  • Change in design and functionality is NOT included in subscription.


We believe in price transparency, the price you see on our website is the price you pay, no more no less.  Our prices are fixed and will not change without prior warning 30 days in advance.


Payment starts after completion of our work. Our work is considered completed, when design is finished and a functional website is delivered. Please notice whether your content is ready or not, our work is completed when we deliver the services and products we are in control of, your content is not considered as part of our work and is out of our control. We will implement the content for our clients at any stage, however the completion of our work cannot be dependent on the client’s completion and delivery of content.

We only accept digital payment.

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Direct bank transfer


We do NOT accept cash payment or cheques.

Automated invoicing and payment

All invoices are generated automatically by our system and sent by email to our clients.  Everything is automated, which means your payment is registered almost instantly and credited to your account.

Late payment

Our systems are fully automated, which means late payment will result in, an automatic suspension of your account if our system has not registered your payment latest 5 days after the invoice due date.  As soon as we register your payment, your account will be reactivated. There are no fees for account reactivation, the process is automated.


For websites on subscriptions
  • Satrap owns website
  • Satrap owns domain
  • Satrap owns all themes, templates, stock images & videos, plugins and modules used for website
  • Client owns content delivered by client
  • You are not allowed to download the website or make any copies of it
  • You are not allowed to use third party hosting services for web hosting


Ownership of website can be transferred to client for the price of €995

If you cancel your subscription, the domain name ownership can be transferred to you for the price of €35

For Websites paid in full.

Website including domain, modules, plugins and all material used for websites, everything is owned by the client.

Restrictions and limitations

All Hosting of subscription-based solutions cannot be placed with any third party, and must reside on Satrap servers.

Email account are included in our packages and are as standard hosted by Satrap. Email accounts are exempt from mandatory hosting on Satrap servers and can be hosted on any third-party server of your choice.

Our basic subscription package does not include custom code, development of modules and plugins. Necessary pre made plugins are available for basic packages.

Our premium subscription does not include custom code, development of modules and plugins. The premium package give access to our pre-built premium plugins.  You can choose among hundreds of premium plugins in our premium catalogue.


We want our clients to feel comfortable and safe using our services. Therefor we do not bind our clients to any contract for any period of time. How long you wish to stay with us is 100% your decision.

You can cancel your subscription by the end of your payment period, by simply filling out the cancellation form on our website.


You the client are solely responsible for the content on your website.  You will be held responsible for any content which could be in violation of any law or regulations.

You the client are solely responsible for the privacy policies on your website.

Personal Data.

We collect and save the following information for invoicing purposes and sending out information regarding your subscription. We may contact you by email to suggest improvements, updates and upgrades to your subscription.

We collect and save the following information for invoicing purposes and sending out information regarding your subscription. We may contact you by email to suggest improvements, updates and upgrades to your subscription.

We collect:
Your name

  • Company name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Mailing address

We do not use your personal information for third-party advertisement.

We do not sell nor give your information to any third party.

Your personal data is kept in accordance with EU regulations.

If approached by the local authorities regarding an ongoing criminal investigation, we are obligated by law to, transfer your data to the respective authorities.

Only trusted employees of Satrap and Satrap Technologies have access to your personal data, as on a need-to-know basis.

For more information read our privacy policy

These terms are subject to change with 30 days’ notice.