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Wellness Balance Coach Studio

Wellness Balance coach Studio is an e-shop owned and operated by Wellness Balance Coach Studio.  This website also offers a recipe archive and a lifestyle blog. The design uses a fixed background allowing the content to scroll while the background stays still. It was important to have all contact information and selling points visible as the visitor entered […]

Terndrup Tandlægecenter

Terndrup Tandlægecenter is a Dental clinic in Denmark. they made it very clear from the start, that their brand is very important. Their logo, clinic interior design, uniforms, print material, in general everything is thought through to the smallest detail. Crafting this website we knew, that we had to deliver not only the quality we are […]

Le Vape

Le Vape is a Danish online store selling E-cigarettes, part for e-cigarettes and E-juice. For having a very unique E-shop with a design that stands out was very important.  We decided to keep the color palette mild and simple very colorful images as banners and product photos. Crafting we had to remember to comply […]


Horizon is one of a kind. The approach to this website was very unique as the content is not presented on typical pages as one would expect. When visitors click to see more information about a service that interests them, the content will slide in from the side covering the page. In this way, we […]


Easyjob4U is a recruiting agency. We had to craft a beautiful unique design while making sure all the necessary tools and functionalities were available to the client. we created a tool, which can be used to list jobs on the website by the client. Simplicity and ease of use was the most important aspect. The […]


Aiwycare is a project that really needed a different and uniques design to stand out among the competition. we had to go outside the box thinking and combine different shapes with bright colors to achieve the beautiful result in the website design we introduced to the client. We also guided and helped the client with […]


Ballance4Fit is one of many websites and E-shops we have designed for Independent Herbalife Distributors. Typically the content for Herbalife Members is almost identical, which means we at Satrap have to pay extra attention to the design making sure each website is unique and has its own identity. Key Features Dual Language Online Payment with […]

7 Hairsalon

7 Hair Salon is a hair and beauty salon in Limassol. We had to consider the services offers when crafting the website design. When the client is working with fashion and beautification of others, the website we create must depict that line of work. The fonts we chose, the colors, and even the browser scrollbar is […]

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