Quik overview

Our affilliate partner program is based on a simple princip; Results for your efforts MUST be rewarded. We offer a flatrate 50% commission on all sales generated through your efforts.


Imagine a high income, with no obligation, zero investment and zero risk. This is exactly what we are offering.

High commission

We offer a 50% flatrate commission from the total product price.

Zero investment

It is 100% free to join our affiliate partner program.


You are your own boss. you are not bound by working hours. You can work as an affiliate full time, or in you spare time along side your job.

Zero risk, Zero liability

You are always held free from risk and liability. We accept 100% responsibility toward the customer.


Imagine if your plcae of work offered you half of all the results you generate?
Here at Satrap we do exactly that.

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Easy to sell products

We offer many service, and they all related to each other.
Start promoting our products today.

Starter website

An online presence is as important as having a business card. many companies either still do not have a website or their site is not of a professional standard.

Advanced websites

This is for companies, who need to present a larger amount of information and have functionalities on their site.


We can have an e-commerce soluton up and runing faster than any competitor on the market. We use flexible solutions and support many Payment processors.

CMS (content management system)

These websites will give acces to an administration panel, where the customer will be able to update, edit or add new content to the site, as easly as working in word.

Add words

We will setup and optimize campaing in google adwords.

Social Media

We will setup or optimize the customers social media pages.


You can count on our support at any time. We are always ready to help you reach your potential. Just get in touch, and one of our agents will assist you.

Video Intro

Parter portal

We will give you acces to our partner portal with you own unique ID, in order to track your sales.

You can either finalize the sale and send us the customer information through the portal or you can initaite contact, send us the infomration and let us take over and finalize the sale. You will receive your commission i both cases.

  • Sign up
  • Promote or Sell
  • Send us customer information
  • Repeat...
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Our Process

The process is very simple. When we receive a sale through you, we will start processing th eorder, invoice the customer, and pay your comission as soon as we have received payment from customer.




Place order


We process order


We invoice customer


Customer pays


Comission payout

Meet The Team

Our team consists of experts based worldwide. We have teams located in several countries
Meet our 4 leading team members below.

Cyrus Razavi


Cyrus has an impressive background, and has worked with IT since 1995. He has studied software engineering and music at the University of Copenhagen. He also studied international business and business psychology. Cyrus is based in Cyprus.

Nimesh Patel

Head Engineer

Nimesh is the head of our developer team. He is mastering HTML5, PHP, MYSQL, Magento and several other web formats. He also manages our mobile application development team. Nimesh is based in India.

Helene Ahrensbach

Social Director

Helene is specialised in human behaviour. Helene's job consists of analyzing your communications towards potential customers and improving on the methods to conway your message. Helene is based in Cyprus.

James Larsen

Sales Director

James has a backgound in sales and marketing, with over 20 years of experience. He is specialised in Google marketing and optimizing your sites visibility to knock out your competition. James is based in Denmark.


Below you can see the success stats for different methods of approaching the customer.

Direct contact (Phone or/and face to face)
E-mail campaign
Online banner promotion
Approach with predesigned site


Personal contact is always the best way to approach a potential customer.

You can either contact s´customers randomly, have us a generate a list with leads for you, or/and use your network.

The prdesigned concept has shown very effective, as you will have finished product to show the customer, making the product real and not abtract.

The predesigned sites typicaly target companie, who already have website, but need a touch up or a comlete redo

Your account helps you track your sales and comissions. When ever a customer places an order through your affiliate link, the sales will be registered as yours. You can also manually type in the orders for the customers, if you wish to make sure it is done.

You can also generate links to product with your unique code, which can be forwarded to the customer for placing order.

Your commission payout will be transffered to your bank account or to your Paypal account.

50% commission will automatically be transferred to your account, as soon as the customer has made payment. If the customer pays upfront, you will receive your comission upfront. To help you achieve this, we offer a 10% discount, if the customer decides to make payment in advance.


You have absolutely no liability, we ccept all responsibility towards te customer.
You will get paid, as soon as the customer has paid.

Sales numbers

Our affiliates generate more than half our sales.
Below you can how many sales transactions have been completed, how much commission is payed out and how much commission is pending.

Internal sales
Sales by Affiliate partners
Commissions paid in Euro
Pending commissions in Euro

Prices & commissions

We offer packages with flatrates prices and services where we have to asses the project and give the customer an offer. In both cases you will receive 50% of the one time payment.

  • €124,5 commission
    Price: €249
  • €29/month Subscription
  • Premium SUPPORT
  • 10% discount
    Pay 12 months in advance
  • €774,5 commission
    Price: €1.549
  • €99/month subscription
  • E-commerce or CMS
  • 24/7 VIP SUPPORT
  • 10% discount
    Pay 12 months in advance
  • 50%commission
    Price: Individual
  • We will geiv eht eclient an offer according to, our assessment of the project.


    +357 95 125 808


    +45 27 5078 804

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